Gameplay Loop

The gameplay loop is usually the heart of the game. Our loop is straight forward as it hearkens back to some very specific classic CRPGs: the original Realms of Arkania and SSI's Gold Box games. These games had three basic

The Factions

Many claim to be the legitimate descendants of the Rift architects with their own contradictory legends. Over the years four major factions became dominant. The Astral Mandate The Mandate is a faction of robots who claim dominion over Riftspace. They

Rift Space

Much of the art we were inspired by were book covers or comics of various Dying Earth type stories (Vance is one of the originators) and that formed the basis of what we created for our Cosmic Fantasy setting. A

Art Style

When we started developing the world the game is set in we already had ideas about our art style. Rather than try to emulate classic CRPGs directly we wanted something bolder. We didn't have the people or budget to produce


Probably the most important part of combat are the Abilities. Abilities can be anything from spells to particular ways to swing a sword. Equipping your character with the right abilities and using them at the right time will be the

Combat Skills

Combat Skills: Primitive Weaponry, Technical Weaponry, Protection, Martial Arts, Skullduggery, Mystic Arts, Theology, Psionics, Technology, Primal (not complete and names not final) These are our variation on Power Sources but they also share some elements of skills in the later


Finishing the basic RPG rules and conventions we were going to use was surprisingly difficult. This is the meaty side of why one wants to make an RPG and we had an infinite number of influences to look to. We